Sunday, September 6, 2015

Stamping Plate Comparison: Pet'la Golden Russian vs. BCN-006 (image heavy)

Comparison of Pet'la Golden Russian and BCN-006
Hey y'all! Today on the blog I have a comparison to share with you of the Pet'la Golden Russian plate and a plate entitled BCN-006. Spoiler alert - one of them is amazing and the other one is a terrible knock off copy cat of the original. Ready to jump in?

BCN-006 on the left, Pet'la Golden Russian on the right
So here are so preliminary facts that you need: Pet'la Plate is owned and operated by Petra and her husband. They are an indie plate maker located in Hungary and each plate is carefully crafted to strict specifications. Whoever the maker is of BCN has directly copied the images off the Golden Russian plate from Pet'la Plate without giving credit to Petra and her originality of design. The difference in cost is significant because the quality of Pet'la Plates is akin to a custom made piece of furniture vs BCN who's quality is more akin to a prefab piece of furniture you would get at a discount outlet on clearance. 

The differences come from materials used - Petra's Pet'la Plates are carved on a brass metal that is twice the thickness of the silver metal used by BCN. The etching on the Pet'la Plate is very deep which gives you a clear, crisp image on your stamper and nail, while the BCN plate barely feels engraved upon touching it and gives spotty, uneven images on your stamper and nail. Let me show you some images to show the differences. 

Petula Golden Russian

My experience with the Pet'la Plate was amazing - every image picked up beautifully and crisply on the stamper which led to a pleasant nail stamping experience while the BCN-006 plate was patchy and didn't transfer even half of the image to my nail on most of the plate. What's more is that BCN copied these images without Petra's knowledge and stole her proprietary property. The imposter plate was being sold on, but they have since removed the listing for the plate upon finding out that those images were stolen from Pet'la Plate. BCN is currently stocked on aliexpress and alibaba - I would STRONGLY recommend to anyone shopping those sites to carefully research what you are buying. What you might be saving in dollars on the plate itself, you are losing in quality. These people producing copied plates should not be supported and its unfortunate that they don't care to steal from others as long as they make a few bucks. 

If you'd like to see a live comparison of these plates - please click below to head over to my Youtube Channel.

If you'd like to buy the Pet'la Golden Russian plate, you can find it HERE. I have several Pet'la Plates and really love all of them - their quality rivals that of many other stamping plates I own. 

Thanks for reading! 
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  1. A great comparison! The quality is super clear when looking at the stamped images side by side.

  2. Great post. Pet'la plates are fabulous, easily the best plates I own.

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  4. Great comparison! The difference in the stamping is so clear. I would definitely spend more money to get a better quality plate like that.

  5. Great comparison!! Loved the post!

  6. Great comparison!! Loved the post!

  7. Great comparison!! Loved the post!

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