Monday, March 28, 2016

Swatch and Review: LynBDesigns Tudor Roses Collection!

Hey y'all! I'm still mostly on hiatus due to the move which is happening in just over a week, but I am here today to share the newest collection from LynBDesigns! The Tudor Roses collection is a special one because its a collaboration with one of my fellow bloggers, Jenn from TheJediWife! This gorgeous collection draws inspiration from the wives of King Henry VIII, each being beautiful and unique in her own way. There are 7 polishes in this collection so I'm going to jump right in! 

Jane Seymour in direct artificial lighting
Jane Seymour in direct sunlight  
Jane Seymour macro
First up is Jane Seymour, a dove grey crelly base with a hint of blue shimmer, golden flecks, and gold micro glitter. The formula is a bit on the thicker side but application was easy and self leveled well. I did one thin coat and a second thicker coat to achieve opacity. The blue shimmer made this polish
pull a faint lavender against my skin. This is one that is perfect for spring!

Katherine Howard in direct artificial lighting
Katherine Howard in direct sunlight 
Katherine Howard macro
Next up is Katherine Howard, a light pink base loaded with silver and golden shimmer. Formula and application were both a breeze with this one, each coat self leveling nicely. This is another one that pulled more lavender against my skin tone. I used two coats plus topcoat. 

Anne Boleyn in direct artificial lighting 
Anne Boleyn in direct sunlight
Anne Boleyn macro
Anne Boleyn is a blood red jelly base filled with linear holo. red micro glitter, and hidden red shimmer. Easily my favorite of the collection, Anne Boleyn is very unique to my collection. The holo is very strong in direct sunlight and the red micro glitter really shines in artificial lighting! Formula and application were easy on this one as well. I used two coats plus topcoat.

Anne of Cleves in direct artificial lighting
Anne of Cleves in direct sunlight
Anne of Cleves macro 
Anne of Cleves is a taupe base loaded with golden shimmer, gold galaxy holo, and peachy pink glass flecks. My second favorite of the bunch due to its originality! Formula was a bit of the thicker side but easy to work with. Application was smooth and self leveled well. You can really see the peachy pink flecks in my macro shot! I used two coats plus topcoat.

Catherine Parr in direct artificial lighting 
Catherine Parr in direct sunlight 
Catherine Parr macro
Catherine Parr is a forest green crelly base with silver galaxy holo glitter. This one is so beautiful but totally a chameleon for me! I really struggled to get it to photograph accurately in the sun because it leans more teal in direct sunlight. I tried different angles, different times of day and my camera kept making it teal. Nevertheless, a gorgeous polish. Formula and application were smooth - I used one thin coat and one thick coat plus topcoat.

Tudor Rose in direct artificial lighting
Tudor Rose in direct sunlight
Tudor Rose macro
Tudor Rose is a mixture of gold, green, and red flecks with white, red, and burgundy glitter all mixed together in a clear base. Tudor Rose is meant to wear as a topper, though it can be built up in about 3 coats if you dab the glitter closer to the tip of your nail. I did find the base to be a bit thick but it was to be expected with the amount of glitter packed into this gorgeous topper. None of the glitters in my bottle sank or required fishing to get out - the benefits of a thicker base. I layered one coat over a grey-white base to showcase all off the goodness going on in Tudor Rose. 

Katherine of Aragon in direct artificial lighting 
Katherine of Aragon in direct sunlight
Katherine of Aragon macro
Last in the Tudor Roses collection is Katherine of Aragon, a royal purple crelly base with hidden golden shimmer and intense linear holo. One of my other favorites of this collection because the holo is apparent even in artificial lighting! I love a good purple holo and the added golden shimmer makes this one a must have, in my opinion. Formula and application were a breeze for Katherine of Aragon. I used two coats plus topcoat. 

The Tudor Roses collection releases April 1st at 7pm EST in the LynBDesigns store. Katherine of Aragon and Anne Boleyn retail for $10 each and the others are all $8 each. You can find out more info for future releases and more swatches for this collection on the LynBDesigns Instagram, Facebook, and Facebook Fan Group

Which one is your favorite? Are you a fan of collections based on history? I know I am! 

Thanks for reading!