Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Morning Star Nails nail and hand care product review!

Hey y'all!

Today on the blog, I have a review of some of the Morning Star Nails nail and hand care products to share with you. I won these items as a giveaway prize on Instagram recently and just received them today. 

I'm going to be honest and say that I was a little skeptical about trying to cuticle and nail bomb product because I've yet to find that "holy grail" cuticle oil or hand care product yet. I love the concept of an indie store that exclusively sells handmade hand care products but I wasn't sold on the idea. 

I. Am. Hooked. 

Let me show you what I received!

My goodies from the Instagram giveaway
I received some rose scented soap, sugar scrub, and nail bombs, some lilac cuticle oil, some rose cuticle oil, and some chamomile cuticle balm. I needed to give myself a manicure today anyway so I set out to use a handful of these products. I started with the nail bomb (like a mani bomb without the trademark ;)  ) - holy wow! It was so fizzy and smelled so good - like real roses. All of the Morning Star Nails products are all natural and made with essential oils so they smell exactly like the real thing. After relaxing my hands, nails, and skin with my nail bomb, I used the rose sugar scrub to exfoliate my hands. It felt so good and left my hands very moisturized. My hands were a tad itchy afterwards but I don't think that was the fault of this particular sugar scrub as all scrubs and exfoliators do that to my skin. Once my hands were dry, I moved on to what I'm going to call the star of the show, and my favorite Morning Star Nails product - the cuticle oil. After my mani, I painted as normal and then applied the rose scent. I was so pleasantly surprised that the scent was present but not overpowering or fake. I felt like I was putting real roses on my hands. Haha. It went on smoothly and in a thick layer but absorbed quickly and left my cuticles feeling very moisturized. Typically when I put balms and oils on my hands, I have to wait for what feels like forever for it to soak in so I can photograph my mani for Instagram but this particular oil soaked in so quickly! I am very pleased. 

Today's mani with my Morning Star Nails cuticle oil 
I am surprised to say that I may have very well found my holy grail of nail and hand care products. I never thought I would see the day! I am so glad I entered this giveaway and won these fabulous products.

What is your holy grail cuticle oil? Do you have a favorite scent?

Thanks for reading!
Pish xoxo

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**I won these products in a giveaway by on Instagram. I am not affiliated nor was I compensated for my review. All opinions expressed are my own.**

Monday, May 11, 2015

Monthly Mani Swap!

Hey y'all! 

Today on the blog I have this month's mani swap to share with you! I love doing mani swaps because it pushes me to try things I might not otherwise try. This month I was paired with a super talented nail artist by the name of @manicallypolishious on Instagram. She recently did a neon green half moon dotticure and I fell in love. I have never tried half moons before so I was pretty nervous. Let me show you how it turned out! 

Our originals are on the left. She recreated my matte flakie mani and totally NAILED it. <3 

Here's the solo shot of mine. She used green iridescent glitter as an embellishment but I didn't have anything like it so I went with a black rose charm. I didn't have any vinyls to use for this mani so I freehanded the half moon and cleaned up the line using acetone and a small brush. 

So I fell so hard for this mani but the rose charm was too big for me to actually wear, so I removed it and matted all of my nails. I actually left this on for almost 3 full days! Can you believe it? 

And just for shiggles, another few pictures of this mani:

Yes, I was taking pictures of my nails in the car. You know you do it too! #dontjudgeme haha. 

Anyway, now that I've shown you too many pictures of the same mani, I can ask - what do you think of this mani? What's a nail art technique that you'd like to try but never have? 

Friday, May 8, 2015

Gradient and stamping!

Hey y'all! 

Today on the blog, I have a simple mani to share with you. I've been struggling with inspiration but I'm doing my best. Check out these pretty nails I did! Haha. 

Let me show you what I used:

I started with a white base - Zoya Purity for the gradient. Once it was dry, I used Meet Me At The Rink and Hot-Hot-Hot Pants by Color Club in a blue to pink gradient. Once it was mostly dry, I added Revlon Holographic Pearls and stamped with M Polish Fresh Perspective. The image is from UberChic plate number 1-03. I used a quick dry topcoat to seal it in once the stamping was dry. 

What do you think of this mani? How do you overcome your nail art slumps? 

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Nail It Magazine submissions!

Hey y'all! 

Today on the blog, I have a short and sweet post to share with you to show a couple of manis I did recently for Nail It! Magazine's neon prompt. I don't know if I even have a chance to be picked but I sure hope so! 

Here's the first that I did, and my favorite! 

I used the entire Shinespark Polish 80's neon collection for this mani. I just striped it on by hand using a small brush. Once that was dry, I stamped over it with an image from my UberChic plates (set 1). 

The second I did was also with some of the Shinespark Polish 80's neons. I used Bouncin' Blue, Yuppie Yellow, and Glam Green in a watermarble and then stamped over it using my UberChic plates once again. I was really happy with this one as well! 

And then I had a nail break and had to round of my tips so I didn't do anymore for the neon prompt. I will keep y'all updated if i by some lucky chance get picked! 

Thanks for reading!