Meet The Author: Pish

Hi! Thanks for stopping by to see my polish  obsession up close and personal. I'm a 20-something mother of 2 boys - Channing and Finn, I have 2 dogs, and I'm married to the most amazing, supportive man ever. 
So how did I get started in the nail art community? My journey began just over a year ago when I was in one of the darkest times of my life. Everyone who has kids can attest to how they lose a bit of themselves afterwards for a while. My struggle was with that and even deeper as I suffered from post partum anxiety and depression. After seeing a doctor, I stumbled upon a message board of random strangers who were posting about nail art. They welcomed me into their community and my bonds with them have grown by enormous leaps and bounds. They helped pull me out of that place and nail art helped me feel like myself again. Its my me time, my relax time, my de-stress time. It centers me. And its fun! 
I hope to use this place as a place to record all of my polish wins and fails. I made a commitment when I started this blog to always sharing both my successes and failures because that is real, that is organic. No one is perfect all the time and my blog will showcase that! 

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