Friday, June 24, 2016

Swatch and review: Lolita Lacquer Lacq-Car Club Collection II!

Hey y'all! Today on the blog I have a new collection from Lolita Lacquer to share with you. This five piece collection is inspired by classic cars and their paint jobs that the maker, Mira has seen while accompanying her husband to car shows over the years. This collection, called the Lacq-Car Club Collection II is actually a sequel collection to a similarly themed one that she did last year. I have all five to share with you today, so lets take a look! 

Jeep-ers was inspired by the pink Barbie Jeep. This bright pink crelly is filled with silver micro flakies which creates a girly and fresh summer mani. I used one thin coat and one thicker coat to reach opacity with Jeep-ers but you may need three coats depending on how you apply. This one dried to a satin finish for me so I did add topcoat. I had no formula issues, though due to the flakies, Jeep-ers was a little on the thicker side. 

Keeping with the theme of silver flakies, this is Mint Mobile, a minty green crelly filled with silver flakies. Mint Mobile was inspired by all the classic minty colored cars with chrome fixtures. Probably one of my favorites, Minty Mobile was a perfect consistency, not too thick or too thin. It self leveled easily and was opaque in two thin coats. I applied topcoat because it did dry satin. 

Gypsy Rose is a medium toned pink crelly filled with an assortment of glitter. This one is inspired by Gypsy Rose, the most famous pink lowrider in the world. I love the orange and purple glitter in the pink creamy base. This was another favorite for me because it was just so unique. I used two coats of Gypsy Rose for opacity. It was a little on the thicker side but easy to apply. It also self leveled easily. I added topcoat to this one for the same reason as the others, it dried to a satin finish. 

Can we please just look at this blurple? I cannnnnnn't with this one, the shimmer is out of control! Bluevard Cruise was inspired by some of the most amazing car paint jobs in the world. Along with the shimmer, the blue flakies in the purple-y blue jelly makes a stunning combination. I used two coats of Bluevard Cruise for opacity and added topcoat for shine. No issues with self leveling or application. 

Sancha is a green creme with pink shimmer. Sancha was inspired by a truck that Mira's husband had that he named the same name. Sancha is a spanish word for "the other woman" which I thought was such a cute name! As with the others, the formula and consistency were very easy to work with. I used two coats of Sancha for opacity and added topcoat for shine. 

The Lacq-Car Club II collection launches on July 1st in the Lolita Lacquer store. The collection will retail for only $35 the weekend of the release ($40 after that) or you can buy them individually for $9 each. Don't forget to check out her Instagram for more swatches! 

Do you guys ever go to car shows? Which is your favorite from this collection? 

Thanks for reading!

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