Thursday, May 19, 2016

Swatch and Review: daniPro Nail Polish

Hey y'all! Today on the blog I have some polishes from a new to me brand called daniPro to share with you. I was contacted by a PR company that specializes in doing promotions and campaigns for nail polish and other cosmetic brands to swatch and review 3 polishes and a topcoat from daniPro. 

daniPro is a uniquely formulated nail polish brand that was originally created by a doctor,  Dr. Gary Evans. It is 5-free and has undecylenic acid added for the prevention of nail fungus growth. I haven't used it enough nor have I struggled with nail infections so I can't speak to its effectiveness in that department but that certainly makes it a different kind of lacquer! I have a ton of pictures to share and a live swatch video linked below so let's jump in! 

Forever Girl is the newest shade by daniPro and was launched in Spring 2016. It is marketed as the perfect shade of pink for spring. While I would agree that the shade is beautiful and perfect for spring, the formula on this one was awful for me. Very streaky from the first coat all the way through the third. It could have used a fourth coat but I do not do four coats of any polish so I skipped it. The topcoat helped smooth out the streakiness a bit. I find most polishes in this color range to have difficult formulas so I wasn't surprised that this one was streaky and didn't want to self level. Dry time was about 5 minutes for it to be dry to the touch despite how many coats it took. I would describe Forever Girl as having a more crelly than creme formula. I'm sorry to say that Forever Girl was a forever nope for me. :/

Perfect Pink is what I would call a bright medium pink creme. While the formula was still a little on the crelly side, it was more of a creme than Forever Girl was. I did 3 coats of Perfect Pink and unlike Forever Girl, Perfect Pink did not need a fourth coat. For this reason, I will say the formula is *better* but still not my favorite. The first coat was very streaky for me but the second and third evened it out. Dry time was about 5 minutes to the touch despite it needing 3 coats. I was pleasantly surprised with the color of Perfect Pink since the bottle made it look a little more mauve-y than it shows on the nail.

First Kiss Red is a bright cherry red with orange undertones that makes it the perfect shade of red for the summer. This one completely blew the others out of the water and exceeded my expectations. The formula was absolute perfection only needing one super easy and creamy coat for complete opacity. I had no staining from First Kiss Red despite it being a OCW (one coat wonder) and I wore it for 3 days because I wound up doing nail art over it. I had no issues with self leveling and this one was definitely dry to the touch in 5 minutes. 

The final polish I reviewed was the topcoat which was just called Top Cover. While it is not marketed as a quick dry topcoat, I was pleasantly surprised with how quickly it dried. It was dry to the touch in a minute and a half. As far as wear time, I can't speak to that as I was only swatching and didn't wear it for more than just a few minutes but the glossiness was unreal and dry time was much faster than expected. 

If you'd like to see my live swatch and review, click below:

Final thoughts on daniPro - I think the concept is interesting and definitely sets it aside from your typical nail lacquer. The formulas for the pinks were disappointing but the red and the topcoat were phenomenal. I am a little put off by the price ($18 per bottle for colors and topcoat, $20 for the base coat) which puts it up there between Butter London and Deborah Lippman price ranges. I don't want to pay that much for nail polish unless its fabulous and has a flawless formula. The only one out of the bunch that I would pay that much for is First Kiss Red because its absolutely perfect. I also really didn't care for the brush as it was very thin, think like Essie brush skinny. I had to do way too many brush strokes for coverage on my nail.

If you're interested in knowing more or purchasing some daniPro nail polishes, you can find them at or on Instagram

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Beautiful swatches and polishes. I agree however about the price tag. There are only a few brands for which I would pay that amount of money per polish.