Saturday, April 23, 2016

Product Review: bornprettystore holo vinyls

Hey y'all! I'm back today to share some nail art and my review of some nail vinyls from bornprettystore. Daaaaamn Pish! Back at it again with the bornpretty reviews! Yeahhhh...its been a while but things were just so flippin' crazy for a while with the move. We only moved 30 minutes away but its no joke getting your house on the market and buying a new one while selling your old one! 

Anyway, I was approached by to start reviewing again and decided to go ahead wth it. These pretty little holo vinyls were the first thing I decided to try. Now, I know what you're thinking - whats the point of them being holographic if they're just vinyls? Well I think in a perfect world, you're supposed to cut them down to fit on your nail and leave them there like decals but ain't nobody got time fo dat. At least, *this* nobody ain't. I knew as soon as I got them that I was just going to use them like full nail stencils because that just made more sense to me. I included a short tutorial on Instagram that I'll put down below. If you want to read how I used these, keep reading.

BPS Item# JV211

I started with a base of Vapid's Surprise! I'm Drunk and topcoated in preparation for the vinyls. Your base should be 100% dry before attempting to use any vinyls whatsoever, otherwise the vinyl will pull your base color up. Yuck, no one wants that. Its happened to me - cue throwing things across my office. Once my base was dry, I cut along the borders of the vinyls and removed them from the plastic backing. I touched the vinyl to the back on my hand to remove some of the stickiness and then placed it on my nail. I pushed down to make sure that it was completely in contact with my nail surface and then placed some liquid latex (Vapid's Catsuit) around my cuticle before sponging on my color. I used a regular latex free makeup sponge cut to size to sponge on the coral polish (LynBDesigns Miami) until it reached opacity. I immediately removed the vinyl and the latex to reveal my design. Once it was dry, I topcoated again to seal everything in. The index and pinkie are just a couple of dots that I did with my dotting tools. Boom! Fancy nail art! 

A couple of things to note about these vinyls - they're a bitch to get off the plastic backing. I recommend doing it before you paint your nails and just stick them to the top of a polish bottle or your acetone or something because once your nails are painted, you don't want to have to pick these suckers off the backing. They're pretty thin and don't have much structure to them once the back is off so smoothing them down was a bit of a struggle. They do come pre-weeded (the negative space was already there) so that's a plus! Additionally, because they're nice and thin, theoretically you could use them as a decal and topcoat them but I didn't try that myself. They're also only $2 for a sheet of 12. 

If you'd like to pick up these vinyls, you can find them HERE. You can use my code PPPQ10 for 10% off any regularly priced items. 

Thanks for reading!