Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Swatch and Review: My World Sparkles Lacquer - Black Opal

Hey y'all! I took a little bit of a hiatus for the holidays and because my nails were in pretty rough shape for some reason but I'm back with my first post of 2016 to share a new polish by My World Sparkles Lacquer. This little beauty is called Black Opal and I have a ton of pictures to share with you, so lets get started! 

Black Opal is a gorgeous black jelly polish with various sized multichrome flakes running throughout. I'm sure you guys have seen the shattered glass nail art floating around on social media, right? Black Opal reminds me of that but in micro form all contained in one bottle! My swatch shows 2 coats plus topcoat. The application was easy though the formula was a bit on the thicker side. It also self leveled across my nail nicely. I had no issues getting the flakes out and they dispersed across my nail evenly. Overall, a beautiful polish with a great formula. 

Black Opal in direct artificial lighting
Macro of Black Opal
Being that its a jelly, Black Opal was begging to be mattified so mattify I did! I used OPI Matte Topcoat to showcase all of the beautiful multi chrome micro flakes in Black Opal. It totally transformed the look! 

Black Opal with matte topcoat in direct artificial lighting
Macro of Black Opal with matte topcoat 
Macro brush shot of Black Opal 
 I did a bit of nail art using Black Opal while doing a mani swap with @craftyandpolished, too! I love how it looked in this classy negative space mani! I wound up wearing this for several days because it was so beautiful.

The last thing I have to share with you guys today is January's Pamper Gem from My World Sparkles. This month's hand pampering beauty is a relaxing lavender scent and is garnished with real lavender flower buds. The Pamper Gems from My World Sparkles are made with deep conditioning oils and natural essential oils to provide a lasting scent and moisturizing properties as well. My hands were incredibly soft and moisturized after using it! 

Both Black Opal and the lavender Pamper Gem are available right now in the My World Sparkles shop. You can find them both HERE. Black Opal is 5 free and comes in a 1/2 oz (15ml) bottle and is on sale right now for only $5! The lavender Pamper Gem is available in a single pack for $1.50, a double pack for $2.50, and a triple pack for $3.75. I highly recommend trying them out! 

What's your favorite nail care product scent? 

Thanks for reading! 

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  1. Super beautiful, that polish matted is eeeeverythang!

  2. Beautiful indeed! I prefer the one with a glossy finish.

  3. Gorgeous swatch! I need to grab this for myself!!!

  4. Very pretty polish and amazing nail art as always!

  5. I love matting flakies!! So pretty!

  6. I love it matte and your nail art is awesome!

  7. Wow this is glossy and looks great mattified too!

  8. This is a lovely polish and I love the mani you did with it!

  9. Super pretty!! Love the glitters!

  10. Super pretty!! Love the glitters!