Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Swatch and review: My World Sparkles Lacquers winter polishes!

Hey y'all! Today on the blog I have a couple of winter polishes from My World Sparkles Lacquers to share with you! Elizabeth was also kind enough to include one of her Pamper Gems for me to review as well so that will be included in this post. This was my first time trying anything from her brand and I was completely blown away last night when I was swatching! I can't wait to show you so let's jump in! 

Red Velvet is a medium toned red creme with pink flash. Formula wise, Red Velvet is perfection. I applied 2 thin coats easily without any pooling in my cuticles or polish running down my brush. It self leveled nicely between coats and dried to the touch in about 5 minutes. The color stunning and a slightly different way to wear red during the holiday season. I'm feeling some Mrs. Claus nails using Red Velvet as a base since it has the pink flash! 

Red Velvet in direct artificial lighting
Red Velvet in indirect artificial lighting
Macro of Red Velvet

Winter Blues is a cool toned denim blue polish with subtle holo shimmer and may be a new contender for my top favorite blue polishes ever.  While the finish might not be terribly unique, there is something about Winter Blues that made me feel beautiful when I put it on. (and I'm still wearing it now!) The formula and application for Winter Blues was nothing short of perfection. ONE beautiful, buttery coat that self leveled nicely and dried in about 5 minutes. It dried to a satin-y finish but that was easily rendered with a glossy topcoat which brought out more of the sparkle! If you want to try something from My World Sparkles Lacquers and you're not sure which to start with, Winter Blues is one I cannot highly recommend enough!

Winter Blues in direct artificial lighting
Winter Blues in indirect artificial lighting
Macro of Winter Blues 
The last thing I have to show you is the Peppermint Pamper Gem. Firstly, can we just stop to adore that she calls them Pamper Gems? I love it! You can see in my photo how nicely these are packaged - they're wrapped in a piece of saran type wrapping and then again inside a little baggie and tied off with a holo ribbon. The Pamper Gem arrived to me perfectly intact with no breakage or crumbling.  Elizabeth goes the extra mile with labeling, including a label with her contact information AND instructions/ingredients for each Gem.

I used one last night after swatching and since I was just doing my hands, I actually only used half of the Pamper Gem meaning you can easily get two uses out of these beauties! Starting this month, there will be varying scents and designs each month going forward. These Pamper Gems are deep conditioning and the peppermint scent was so relaxing! My hands felt so much more conditioned after I was finished using mine. Its recommended that you don't use these in the bathtub since they contain so many oils that they'll make the tub surface slippery. You can buy these in singles for $1.50 each, doubles for $2.50 (includes 2), or as a trio for $3.75.
Peppermint Pamper Gem

All of the products I reviewed here are available right now on the My World Sparkles Lacquers website. Each of the polishes retail for $8. All My World Sparkles Lacquers are proudly 5-free and hand mixed. She can also create custom lacquers for you - Elizabeth can be contacted directly on her website or on many social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. She also has a Facebook group you can join to chat with her and other MWS fans! 

Which one is your favorite? 

Thanks for reading! 

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