Monday, November 9, 2015

Product Review: B-Stronger Base Coat by LynBDesigns

Hey y'all! Today on the blog I have a review of the B-Stronger base coat by LynBDesigns. As a self professed aggressive polisher, I am constantly on the hunt for nail strengtheners to help protect my natural nails from damage, particularly peeling. About a year ago, I started experiencing peeling due to dehydration from constant acetone usage. I started trying all kinds of products to help with it including OPI Nail Envy (expensive!) and the only thing that I found to help was Nail Magic. I really wanted to find something indie made that would work just as well. Enter: B-Stronger base coat by LynBDesigns! 

I've been using B-Stronger for about a month now. I wanted to really use it before making a determination on its effectiveness. The positives to this base coat are that it has little to no smell which is something I cannot say for the commercially produced nail strengtheners and it actually helped with some brittleness and peeling that I had begun to get due to not using a special base coat for a while. It has a bonus upside too - it actually prolongs the wear time of a mani! Many of the strengtheners that I have used don't do anything for wear time but B-Stronger does. To test its capabilities, I used it on my mama's nails. She has acrylics so she didn't need it for strengthening purposes but she works a job where she uses her hands constantly and they can take a beating so I knew it would really put B-Stronger to the test. Typically when I do her nails, I have to redo them every 3 days due to tip wear and chipping. The photos below show 1 week wear time using B-Stronger as the base coat. 

As you can see, she doesn't even have tip wear! I've tested B-Stronger for wear time on my natural nails with similar results, although the longest I've worn it is around 3 days because I choose to change my mani that often or more. This base coat has officially reached holy grail status for me and I hope LynBDesigns always has it in stock because it'll be the only base I use, probably for forever!

If you want to pick up B-Stronger or any other LynB products, head over to her SITE on Etsy. You can also follow LynBDesigns on Instagram for more information on releases and new collections! 

What's your favorite base coat? 

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Sounds like a good basecoat, I'm currently trying out different ones myself x

  2. This looks like a great base coat! I have a big problem with peeling nails myself, so maybe I'll give this a shot.

  3. This sounds like a really awesome base coat!

  4. Sounds like a good basecoat ! Thanks for the review

  5. Cool that indies are branching out to strengtheners. I'm a religious Nail Envy user.