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Swatch and Review: OPI Starlight Collection

OPI Starlight Collection

Hey y'all! Today on the blog I have six shades from the OPI Starlight Collection to share with you. These polishes were provided to me as a part of the Preen.Me VIP program to swatch for ya'll and to show you some nail art looks that I did with them. Today's post is the swatch portion and I will have some nail art looks for you coming soon, so look for that! 

From Preen:
"(The Starlight Collection) is made up of 18 ethereal shades that range from classic to cosmic. This new holiday collection includes everything from subtle shimmer to all-out sparkle." 
The first shade that I swatched in my portion of the collection is By The Light Of The Moon, a bright silver metallic polish with silver hex and black micro glitter throughout. Guys, I hate to start off a post negatively This polish was such a disappointment for me. Its SO BEAUTIFUL in the bottle but definitely doesn't translate to the nail at all. The metallic base is very streaky, easily overworked, and leaves many brush strokes behind in a way similar to OPI Push And Shove. The glitter is completely covered in most places by the metallic base, leaving the finish looking lumpy and uneven, even after more than one coat of topcoat. This is the second time I have seen OPI try to do glitter in a metallic base (Pineapples Have Peelings, Too comes to mind) and it just doesn't work well. My swatch shows two coats plus 2 coats of Seche Vite and words cannot express how much I disliked the way it looked on me.

By The Light Of The Moon in direct artificial lighting

Macro of By The Light Of The Moon
Luckily, the second one I swatched was leaps and bounds better in formula, color, and application. This one is Center Of The You-Niverse, a black base with silver microflakie shimmer running throughout. I think this one will make a great base for nail art - its opaque in two thin coats and has a great payoff with the shimmer. I actually loved the formula on all of these, they were very true to OPI's standard formula and very easy to control on the nail.

Center Of The You-Niverse in direct artificial lighting

Macro of Center Of The You-Niverse 
The third polish I swatched is my favorite, this is Cosmo With A Twist. I think it could best be described as a black jelly with iridescent indigo and purple microflakie shimmer throughout. I was quite frustrated that I couldn't get a color accurate photo on this one, my camera kept picking up all of the blue and none of the gorgeous purple but you can see how it really looks in my macro shot. The formula on Cosmo was perfection, two easy thin coats that went on like butter. I don't own a ton of OPI and I always forget how much I love their brush! I can't wait to use this in some nail art! 

Cosmo With A Twist in direct artificial lighting

Macro of Cosmo With A Twist
Can we talk about glitter toppers for a second? I hate them, typically. They are never dense enough, they don't lie flat, and they're never as pretty on the nail as they are in the bottle. That is not the case with Infrared-y To Glow! Meet one of the only glitter toppers I might actually ever use! I am not sure what you'd even call the shape of those glitter but they're funky and fun pink and gold metallic glitters mixed with scattered holo glitter. I'm wearing it here in 2 coats over I'm In The Moon For Love. I had no issues with fishing for glitter but the dabbing method worked the best for me to get the large glitter off the brush. 
Infrared-y To Glow in direct artificial lighting 

Macro of Infrared-y To Glow
Perhaps the biggest disappointment in the collection for me was Press * For Silver. This is a gorgeous antiqued silver metallic polish but GAHHHHH the brush strokes! I saw Jen from +jeninthemorning sponge on the second coat of hers and it eliminated the brush strokes so I just may try that when I get ready to wear it again. This one is shown below in 2 thin coats plus topcoat. The major redeemer for Press * For Silver is that it stamps and I have a nail art look coming up to show that to you.

Press * For Silver in direct artificial lighting

Macro of Press * For Silver 
The final polish I have to show you is my second favorite - I'm In The Moon For Love. This one is a beautiful eggplant creme with subtle shimmer running throughout it. This was another one with a typically easily OPI formula and it was a joy to apply. I've also used this one in a nail art look upcoming soon.

I'm In The Moon For Love in direct artificial lighting

Macro of I'm In The Moon For Love 

That rounds out my post about 6 of the 18 shades from OPI's Starlight Collection sent to me by Preen.Me. You can find these and the rest of the Starlight Collection from OPI, directly on Preen's site, and wherever OPI is typically sold. Follow Preen on Instagram for more information, swatches, and giveaways! If you'd like to see a live swatch of these 6 polishes, click below to head over to my Youtube channel:

What do you guys think of the OPI Starlight Collection? Will you be picking any up?

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  1. I can see what you mean with By The Light Of The Moon. The glitters make it look patchy. But the others are pretty. My fav is Cosmo with a twist x

  2. And swatches Pish! Cosmo with a Twist is a must!!!! I may also try stamping with Press * for Silver since it's such a gorgeous shade.

  3. Your swatches are lovely! The sponging definitely helps on the two metallics. I really like all the colors, but By the Light of the Moon was such a disappointment, since it looks so gorgeous on the nail.

  4. The shimmers in this collection are pretty, at least!

  5. Beautiful swatches! I can see what you mean about By The Light Of The Moon! I'm In The Moon For Love looks amazing on you!

  6. I can see what you mean about By The Light Of The Moon, but I thought the glitter in the close up pics looks like craters!

  7. These colors are beautiful!! I can't pick a fav!!!

  8. By the light of the moon makes me want to flip my mani table! UGH! Your swatches are perfect though

  9. Press * for Silver and that purple are lovely! Try sponging it on next time. It should look amazing without the brush strokes. <3

  10. Cosmo is my favorite! Love your swatches. By the light of the moon is such a disappointment! :(

  11. Oooo, I'm In The Moon For Love is gorgeous!