Wednesday, August 5, 2015

July Favorites!

Hey y'all! Today on the blog I am going to share all of my favorite nail things from the month of July! Ready? Me too! Lets get started. 

I'll start off with my four favorite manis from the month of July - in order my top favorite is definitely my Harry Potter inspired mani. I did a collab with some nail friends for Harry Potter's birthday. I have a separate post coming about the collab we did so make sure to check back! The other 3 are tied for second place. Haha, yeah, definitely can't chose my second third or fourth faves out of them. I feel like July was a good month for me, I pumped out a lot of manis and felt like my work was definitely getting cleaner and better overall! 

July Mani Faves 

My next favorite thing was favorite technique. July was the month of stamping for me! UberChic Beauty stamping plates and my Creative Shop Stamper have proven themselves incredibly addicting for this aggressive polisher. I couldn't stop this month - many of my manis were stamped and the majority of stamping I did came from images on the UberChic Beauty plates.

The next favorite sort of ties into the last and that's my favorite polish of the month. It relates because its a stamping polish! This month's go to polish that made it into multiple manis was M Polish Berry Best Friends. BBF is a group custom berry pink holo stamping polish that was available only to the members of the M Polish Lovers group on Facebook.  Not a member? No worries - you can find it HERE and request to join. My understanding is that there may be more customs in the future! 

Final favorite this month is my favorite cuticle oil. To be fair, this brand has been my favorite since I started using it BUT the scent is a new one to me in the last couple of months. The brand is Morning Star Nails and the scent is Calm. I really love the earthiness of this scent and love that the scent lingers just a bit on my skin even long after the oil has soaked in. If you haven't tried Morning Star Nails, I highly recommend it! 

That's it for July's favorites! One more month of super intense late summer here and then we can *hopefully* start looking forward to fall! What were your favorite nail items for the month of July? 

Thanks for reading! 
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  1. Fantastic mani choices :) And I just love that mpolish group custom - *so* bummed Missed it :P

  2. That Harry Potter collab is awesome! I loved your design for that one

  3. UberChic and Creative Stamper are my favorite things too, right after my hubby and dogs. :)

  4. Great and interesting read. Love all your choices x

  5. Great post! That tribal is gorgeous

  6. Very fun! I love that tribal mani, those colors!!

  7. Several of your favorites are favorites of mine as well! ;) Your manis have been so perfect!

  8. I'm right there with you on the UberChic plates, and I love that mani!

  9. I am super excited about this giveaway! The polishes are to die for! <3 I am new to the polish world but I am slowly gaining more and more stuff that I need! I wish everyone luck! <3