Friday, July 3, 2015

#PPSANailChallenge: Traffic Nails (NAIL FAIL ALERT!)

**nothing to disclose**

Hey y'all! Today on the blog I have this nail fail to show you. I try to pride myself on sharing everything that I do to keep it real. So here we go...keep reading after the break to see the reasoning behind this mani!

My dear nail bestie, acidicice encouraged me to join a nail art challenge for the month of June, #PPSANailChallenge and I hadn't done a challenge in a while so of course I said yes! Most of the prompts have been pretty open to interpretation with things like purple, pink, dots, etc. But then this week, here comes this crazy one called traffic. My understanding is that many others doing this challenge found this prompt, well, challenging! I decided I was going to do these cute kawaii style traffic lights and they turned out looking creepy. :'D 

Anyway, I took this off INSTANTLY after taking this picture. I totally "nailed it". Haha. Do you have any manis that you just couldn't stop laughing at? 

Thanks for reading! 

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  1. I loved these actually! So cute!

  2. I loved these actually! So cute!

  3. They don't look creepy to me! But I love nail fails. They make me giggle.

  4. I think they look adorable, I don't see the creepy :)

  5. Not creepy, but they do make me giggle! :) Major kudos for posting your nail fails, I rarely even take a picture on mine.

  6. These are cute! I like the interpretation!