Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Bestie Twin Nails with @lacquerexpression!

**nothing to disclose**

Hey y'all! Today on the blog I have some bestie twin nails to share with you. I was lucky enough to be able to do twin nails with the incredibly talented @lacquerexpression and I am so pleased with how they turned out! We were inspired by @kellytattoo over on Instagram for this mani. Take a look at how they turned out!

Let me show you a shot of hers alone, aren't they gorgeous? I want to have a hand pose like her when I grow up! So soft, delicate, and professional! 

Photo credit: +LacquerExpression 

And here's the solo shot of mine, read past the break to see how I created this look:

I started with two coats of Color Club Harp On It as my base. Once it dried, I used 4 colors (Ballerina Bunny, Markie, Dancing Dolphins, and Max Splash) from the Shinespark Polish 90's Kids neon jellies to make stripes down my nails. I overlapped them some to make them blend together to create a sort of gradient effect. Once that was dry, I stamped over the entire nail with UberChic Beauty plate 1-01 and sealed everything in with Seche Vite fast dry topcoat. I really loved the end result except I never had a chance to get a sun shot of these so that you could see the sparkle of Harp On It under those jellies. I do have a macro to show you in artificial lighting though! Check it out:

And that's it for this edition of bestie twin nails! I am always up for new partners, because bestie twin nails really pushes me to become better! What do you think of this mani? 

Thanks for reading! 

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  1. I love it! Your macro pic looks amazing!

  2. Absolutely stunning! Love that macro!!!

  3. Absolutely awesome! I need to find more time for nail art.